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Why take the road less traveled? [Learnings from DesignThinkers 2016]

Posted by Chris Murumets on Dec 20, 2016 10:09:39 AM

Have you ever decided not to do something because it was too complex? Aka, you decided to avoid the road less traveled? Often the reason for taking the road less traveled is that it is too complicated, too long, too many moving parts. However, I’d argue that taking the road less traveled is actually exactly what we should be doing. Attack the complex, because nobody else is going there.

This kind of mentality really came to light during a recent conference I attended in Toronto. The DesignThinkers Conference hosted by The Association of Registered Graphic Designers. Thinking about the companies I’ve co-founded in the LOGiQ3 Group over the years; LOGiQ3 Corp, APEXA, Cookhouse Lab, I realized that it is exactly what we did and will continue doing. So why is it worth embracing the road less traveled instead of shying away from it?

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