How to Create a More Human and Inclusive Culture at Work


Ok. Wow. I’ve attended many conferences over the last 20 years (you know, since I was 8), and last month, I went to the WorkHuman conference in Arizona. Best. Conference. Ever. And to be in beautiful Arizona and finally have 3 great hair days in a row? Well, this Canadian gal was incredibly happy between May 30th to June 1st!

What is the WorkHuman conference?

The WorkHuman conference is both hosted and pioneered by Globoforce who is a leading provider of social recognition solutions. This conference brought together 1,700 business leaders and People & Talent leaders, who were inspired by an incredible line-up of speakers and sessions over the course of three days. Oh, did I mention that Michelle Obama was the closing keynote speaker? Yup, #lifegoals achieved.

This year, WorkHuman’s themes focused on social recognition, connection, and authenticity to create more human and inclusive cultures. These cultures are ones where everyone belongs and can bring their true and whole self to work. Which are two important aspects of our culture

Building and nurturing this kind of inclusive culture requires hard work and dedication. As companies grow, culture grows along with it, so learning new techniques to maintain this kind of culture is crucial for success. The WorkHuman conference was a great opportunity to do just that, and here are three takeaways from my time there.

Put the human back in HR

There’s a significant shift happening in HR towards “Workplace 2.0” – where we’ve finally reached the peak realization that workers are human. Pretty obvious, right? But unfortunately, this isn’t always consistently achieved in an organization. If we treat our people as human beings and address all of their needs, we create a workplace that offers true belonging and inclusion. How can this be achieved? By providing positive experiences at work. Recognition for work done well. Offering continuous feedback, rather than simply at the annual review. And the list goes on.

Everyone has a voice

Workplaces need to be not only more human, but also more inclusive, where everyone feels empowered to have a voice and feel respected. As leaders, we need to always ask ourselves – is feedback welcomed and listened to? Do we gravitate to those that are louder or more boisterous…or do we also pay attention to those that are more quiet? When we hire, are we hiring for cultural contribution or looking only for those similar to us?

Bring your whole and authentic self to work

Having a workplace that is human-centric and inclusive naturally unleashes the power of being authentic. The person we are at work should be the same person we are at home, and vice versa. Why be someone other than who we truly are? And if everyone is bringing their individual self each day, as an organization, we need to be focusing on hyper-personalization or individualization. What does each of our team members need to be happy at work and feel a true sense of connection and belonging? We need to meet our employees “where they are”. And current HR megatrends support this – telecommuting is on the rise, there is a growing demand for workplace flexibility, and for customization of benefits and perks. If our workplaces are truly human and inclusive, it is ultimately all about the employee experience. 

All in all, these takeaways contribute to Globoforce’s larger #workhuman movement, whose purpose is to make work more human. How beautifully simple. Keeping things simple resonates with us at the LOGiQ3 Group. And creating a more human workplace? That absolutely resonates with us as well.

How do we foster an inclusive culture?

Over the last 11.5 years, our Group, which now encompasses LOGiQ3 Corp, APEXA, TAI, and Cookhouse Lab has grown tremendously, from just a few people to now close to 100. And through all this time and growth, we continue to focus on the two most important aspects of our business: our people and our culture.

These are just some examples of our quirky office culture:culture blog 2-1.png

Having been with LOGiQ3 for just over a year, I witness this every single day. Through our internal “thanks and appreciation” app. Through our 9 culture teams, which range in focus from health and wellness, to giving back to the community, to inspiring others, and to having some good ol’ fun. Through our 11 maxims. And last but not least, through every conversation where each person is treated with openness and respect.

I can describe being at the WorkHuman conference as uplifting, energizing, and inspiring. But most of all, I felt proud. As I attended each session, I thought of our teams and what we get to accomplish together. How we all bring our authentic selves to work, each day. It’s simple. And it’s beautiful.

Speaking of our teams, our Group is continuing to grow! If you want to join an environment where we make work more human, check us out.

Want to join our quirky culture? 

Kris Amaral

Written by Kris Amaral

As VP, People & Talent for the LOGiQ3 group of companies, Kris partners closely with the senior leadership team to develop and drive organizational effectiveness, and to continue cultivating our (already amazing!) culture.

Topics: culture

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