[Press Release] LOGiQ³ Group Launched and Announces the Inclusion of Key Global Insurance and Financial Services Influencers on Board of Advisors


Movers and shakers added to the LOGiQ3 Group Advisory Board

July 11, 2016 Toronto, ON – The LOGiQ3 Group, comprised of several companies, LOGiQ3 Corp., APEXA, and TAI, serving the life insurance and reinsurance space was formally launched in early 2016.

Committed to providing innovative life insurance solutions for complex problems, the Group plans to expand their collective products and services globally, into different verticals such as InsTech, RegTech and the disruptive insurance market. With these objectives on the horizon, new members have been added to the Board of Advisors. This team of key industry influencers will provide focused input, strategic advice, and insight into exploratory business ideas. 

The Board of Advisors Includes:

  • Wolf Becke, Former CEO, Hannover Life Re
  • Terri Botosan, President, Hub Financial Inc.
  • Steven Mannik, Former President and CEO, General Re Life Corporation (new addition)
  • Robin Merttens, InsTech Influencer and Independent Consultant
  • Doug Paul, Vice President, National Sales and Distribution, Individual Life and Investment Products, SSQ Financial Group
  • Tim Rozar, CEO, RGAx (new addition)
  • James Weston, Head of International Advisory, GAM (new addition)

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Chris Murumets states,It is a complex world we live in, and our mission is to create products and services to help simplify our customers’ lives as best we can. From early on, we recognized the value of our personal and collective networks. These powerful connections bring forward new and different perspectives – we are honoured to have this reputable group of industry professionals help us define our path forward.

Robin Merttens, recently named one of the top 50 influencers of InsTech in the London, UK market and a long-standing member of the Advisory Board since the inception of the operating business over a decade ago states, “In all the current excitement with FinTech, there’s a tendency to forget that technological innovation in insurance has been going on for a while now. LOGiQ3 have been in that game since 2006 when it was tough and funding for it was impossible. Now that there’s an appetite for insurance innovation and the investment to go with it, it’s attracted a lot of entrepreneurs with big ideas. But, there’s a big gap between aspiration and execution...

"It’s the combination of domain expertise, track record of success and constant desire to innovate that makes them stand out for me. And they’re fun to work with.

“Each advisor brings incredible wisdom and experience, providing immediate impact to our growing group of companies," says Simon Bell, Co-Founder and Co-CEO."This group is a testament of our commitment to building the future of life insurance and exploring new ventures in the InsTech space with intelligent minds and strong talent.”

To learn more about the journey of LOGiQ3 Group, and its serial entrepreneurial founders – Chris Murumets and Simon Bell, visit, www.logiq3group.com.



Notes for Media and Editorial Departments

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About LOGiQ3 Group

At LOGiQ3 Group, we make life simple. We provide solutions that drive positive change while bringing clarity to complex problems. Challenging the status quo and leveraging both technology and our dedicated team of experts is what we do best. Every day, our group of companies maintains the mindset that anything is possible and strive to deliver new perspectives to the world of insurance. Ultimately, empowering you to make the best decisions for your insurance needs.

To learn more, visit www.logiq3group.com

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